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At Bold Carbide we implement custom tools according to our client’s specifications. We build, sell and service virtually all Fishing, Completions, and Thru Tubing Mills. We welcome you to join many of the largest and most successful companies in Oil and Gas today and register to be a Bold Carbide Client now.

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“Fortune Favours the Bold” is our Slogan and it represents Bold Carbide in many ways. Bold Designs, industry leading skills and experience lead the way at Bold Carbide and we are confident your business will be echoing that sentiment once you utilize our top tier services.


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Bold Carbide does work for companies around the globe, including Canada, China, and the United States.
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Unique Tools

Whether its from fishing and retrieval, to completions or thru tubing. Bold is always ready to adapt to the constantly evolving industries we serve. We build, sell, rent and service virtually all down-hole carbide tools. We welcome you to join many of the largest and most successful companies in Oil and Gas today and register to be a Bold Carbide Client now.

Taper Mills
Used for establishing drift, milling thru tight spots, widening collapsed casing, and engaging the ID of a fish prior to internal retrieval, sometimes used in tandem with String mills.

Pineapple Mills
The pineapple mill combines the capabilities of both the taper and string mill allowing for reaming in both directions, running Pin-up it can also be used in tandem with the string mill.

String Mills
Ideal for cleaning out damaged casings, liners or tubing and can be dressed rough or smooth. Tapered from both directions of the mill allowing for reaming from both directions, Pin-down and Box-up connections allow the mill to be run in a string or in combination to a pilot assembly.

Econo Mills
Originally made from cast to be more economical, these mills have changed a lot from their original design. Made with integral blades, short fish necks and large fluid ports, these mills excel at reverse circulation.

Washover Shoes
Each shoe is designed to suit a particular downhole task, ran on the bottom of the string, they are used to cut a clearance between the fish and the wall of the wellbore. They come in a wide array designs such as flat bottom, wavy bottom (sometimes called scalloped), saw tooth, reverse saw tooth, cutlip, and castle top. Carbide can be applied to the bottom, OD and/or ID in a smooth, rough or semi-rough configuration. (Drive subs are available for mud-motor to shoe connection)

Junk Mills
An umbrella term for a wide variety of mills. These mills are suitable for all types of junk removal from the well bore, confirming drift, or dressing a fish prior to retrieval. They can be fitted with tungsten carbide inserts for higher endurance.

Skirted Mill
Junk mills are with a skirt or guide sleeve to align the mill with the fish and keep it from rotating off the fish. Used when the top of the fish is split or distorted, the skirt or guide provides directionally stable cutting action and eliminates the possibility of casing damage.

Thru Tubing Mills
Usually ran in tandem with a mud motor on coil tubing, these smaller mills are used for the removal of frac ports and plugs. They are often more intricate in design and utilize exotic tungsten carbide inserts, such as Sharkstooth, Starbide and Piranha.

Usually utilized in an open-hole scenario, tungsten carbide reamers are run immediately prior to liner installation to ensure clean installation of a liner system. A larger tungsten carbide matrix is used for greater endurance and to maintain gauge.

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Bold Carbide offers a wide variety of services:
Cylindrical OD and ID grinding
Crushed carbide (aka klusterite) application and repair
Tungsten carbide inserts - rounds, squares, octagons, etc.
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Bold Carbide Inc. is the home of quality products. Our staff and management are dedicated to doing their best every day it’s who we are. We aspire for perfection in every job. We work with the belief that our products will be the finest you've ever seen or used and our end results are being shown across the globe at energy shows by our many clients everywhere to say to the world just that!

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